Reality Shift

I’d brought flowers, a card, a marker pen to sign the stookie.

A nurse asked me to wait a minute. “Just sit there,” she said. I watched her walk the length of the ward to the duty station, indicate me as she spoke to the ward sister. I lowered my gaze as they both turned to look at me, not wanting them to see me watching.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the sister approaching. She looked at her fob watch, smoothed down her apron, composed her face. I turned towards her. I knew that what she was going to say would turn my world upside down.

One thought on “Reality Shift”

  1. Hello Beatrice, I’m sure you won’t remember me but my name was Marion Cooper and I attended ND from 1966-1972 in a life many, many years ago. I found your blog while surfing in the early hours of the morning here in South Carolina. I have enjoyed reading them, especially the ones with news of ND and Glasgow. I was particularly intrigued to read that your Mum had lived in Tuam. My Grandmother grew up not far from Tuam in a little village called Ballyedmond. After my Grandfather retired they moved to Tuam where they lived till their deaths. They are both buried in Tuam Cemetery. Well, it is nearly 3 am so I had best be off to bed. Best wishes, Marion


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