“I love you”.

What? WHAT? Had she really just heard those words coming from his lips? Then she saw where he was looking. The wall in front of them was covered in graffitti, with a great big heart in the middle and the words sprayed over it in foot high letters. He nodded towards it and strode on, enigmatic as ever.

She skipped to catch up, turning her head away slightly so that he wouldn’t see the red flush she knew would be spreading over her cheeks. This is ridiculous, she thought.  Why don’t I just tell him how I feel? But somehow she couldn’t; he seemed so self contained, so unmoved by other people. And yet he was always the centre of attention, sought after by all the girls – boys too for that matter. Yet somehow it seemed to her that although he was perfectly polite and pleasant to everyone, he was holding something back.

They spent a lot of time together – thrown together by their work for the student’s representative council. They were on their way there now, delivering leaflets for the forthcoming elections. “You should be standing for president, not me,” he’d said to her. “You’re the one with the people skills!” She’d laughed and told him she was too shy, was happier to be a number 2. He’d given her a long look but had said no more.

She thought about that conversation now, and the look he had given her – she was always fantasizing conversations with him. What did he see when he looked at her? Did she in any way stand out from the crowd? He would always come and sit with her in any meeting, but she couldn’t really tell if that was just habit, or convenience. They’d never been on a proper date… She was such a clutz.

They’d reached the union building now, he was standing outside watching her as she caught up, slightly out of breath and not a little upset at the thoughts that were swimming around her head. She tried to bustle past him, be busy with the task in hand, but he took the box of leaflets from her and placed it on the ground beside his. He put his hands on her shoulders and made her look at him.

“It’s Valentine Day,” he said, “seems to me its about time we told each other how we feel.”

He took her in his arms and kissed her. And, gentle reader, she kissed him right back.


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